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Our Mission & Goals 

The mission of the McCrory Center is to improve the lives of all people by providing quality behavioral health services. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and we are committed to continual improvement. Our philosophy is simple: provide the best possible care to our clients, be the best possible employer to our staff, and be the best possible partner to our community.


Our goal is to be the premier provider of behavioral health services in our region.

1. To increase access to behavioral health services for everyone in the community.
2. To decrease the stigma around mental health and make it more socially acceptable to seek help.
3. To provide high-quality, and effective care that meets the needs of each individual.
4. To create a more diverse workforce that is representative of the community we serve.
5. To become a leader in innovative care delivery models that can be replicated in other communities.

Organization History 

Read below about our proud history and our efforts over the years.


The McCrory Center, more commonly known as Social Care Administrators, LLC, was founded in 2012 in Redford, Michigan, located in Wayne County. The founder's dedication to early identification, prevention, and intervention services for at-risk individuals helped streamline care coordination services across Wayne and Oakland counties. The staff included Registered Nurses, Clinical Social Workers, Infant Mental Health Specialists, Student Interns, among others. Within the first year of operation, the center screened over 100 families for psychosocial risks, including mental health, food and nutrition, transportation, housing, infant developmental delays (social, emotional, physical), and safety.


7800 West Outer Dr Ste LL30

Detroit, MI 48235

38099 Schoolcraft Ste 199

Livonia, MI 48150 




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