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Important Information

Grievance and Complaints 


McCrory Center, staff, and contractors take your complaints seriously. In the event that you are dissatisfied with our services, please feel free to contact, Ms. Gabriele Gonclaves @ or via phone at 313-766-6285. We will record your complaint/grievance, complete a thorough investigation, and provide a written response/resolution within 7 days of us receiving the complaint. 


Limited English Proficiency

McCrory Center adheres to the state of Michigan's Limited English Proficiency policy as outlined below:


We provide translation services at no cost, accurate and timely language assistance, and effective communication to persons with limited English proficiency. These language services will be provided to current and prospective customers of our services, and other interested persons to ensure their equal access to our services.


Our staff understands our written policy to provide translation services such as in-person, remote, technology, etc whichever means works best for you and your family.  Our agency will provide written translation, in Spanish and Arabic, etc for Vital Documents used in our programs. Other forms of written material may be translated as needed.


Oral translation services may be provided by a bilingual staff employee. If a staff person is unavailable or there is none for a particular language, arrangements shall be made with a contractual provider of services, volunteer interpreter, or through the language access line contractor. Monitoring will be completed through yearly compliance reviews and through the investigation of discrimination complaints.



The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not an accessibility guideline, it is a law. The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) is one of several accessibility guidelines. Our facilities are accessible meaning it is in compliance with the highest accessibility guidelines for that type of facility. Any visitor or staff person if there are any accessibility issues or needs, or if they require any special accommodations we will meet their needs. 

Privacy Policy

Please read and review our privacy policy here 





Recipient Rights 

Every person who receives services in the public mental health system has additional rights. Those rights, specific to mental health and intellectual/developmental disability services, are identified in the Michigan Mental Health Code.

Your rights include:

  • The right to be free from abuse and neglect

  • The right to privacy of your information

  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect

  • The right to receive services that meet your needs

  • The right to receive your services in a safe, sanitary, and humane environment

You have many other rights specific to your mental health services. More information about your rights is contained in the booklet titled “Your Rights When Receiving Mental Health Services in Michigan”. You will be given this booklet and have your rights explained to you when you first begin services, and then once again every year. You can also ask for this booklet at any time.

The Office of Recipient Rights, in accordance with the Michigan Mental Health Code, is responsible for ensuring the provision of recipient rights protections throughout the DWIHN System of Care. The Rights Office is open between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday excluding holidays. You may file a Recipient Rights complaint any time you think staff violated your rights or someone else’s rights. You can make a rights complaint by telephone, letter, email, or on a Recipient Rights complaint form. 

If you receive public mental health or substance abuse services, you are free to exercise your rights and to use the rights protection system, without fear of retaliation, harassment, or discrimination.

A copy of the State of Michigan Recipient Rights Handbook can be found here:



You may download the Recipient Rights Complaint Form below and send to your local Community Mental Health Agency.

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